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3M-LogoIs a Spray-On Coating System for you?

Do you have:

A bund, a tank, a reservoir, containment area, vessel, pipeline, process section, structure, roof, floor or wall etc. that needs to be protected from the onset of corrosion or erosion? If it is worn, corroded, leaking, subject to attack, needs to be chemically resistant or needs protection, waterproofed or its life greatly extended, we can provide the ideal solution. Regardless of whether the substrate is Concrete, Steel, Plastic, GRP or Aluminium etc., we in Geoline Ltd can solve your problem with our spray on liners. Utilising the very best in High Build solvent free Polyurethane Technology which have the necessary durability, adhesive strength, impact resistance, flexibility and track record over the last 25 years, we can provide a fit for purpose solution tailored to your individual needs or demands at a lower cost with significantly less hastle. In effect, we can supply, install and guarantee a completely new lining system which is hard wearing, flexible and excellently adhered to the individual area, creating a watertight or chemically resistant seal for many years to come. Depending on the type of project and its location, we can employ very simple pour and roll techniques right up to large output, hot spray units, which can cover large areas quickly. This ensures the right engineering is selected on a project by project basis.

Before:                                                                                                After:

Before    After

Finally, our Solvent Free Polyurethanes can cover the whole range from potable water, waste water, process water, sewage and effluent, right up to very aggressive chemicals or solvents, even at high temperatures. Should you have an individual requirement or just need some practical advice on a particular issue, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you.

Geoline Ltd recently joined forces with 3M’s Corrosion Protection Division to offer 3M Skotchkote™ full range of Epoxy and Urethane Spray Coatings for Steel and Concrete Protection.

We will take on projects where we act as PSCS (Project Supervisor Construction Stage) right down to being a specialist Sub Contractor. Geoline specialises in Confined Space Projects working in very extreme and hazardous environments with and without full breathing apparatus equipment. All personnel are highly trained and certified to work in these environments.

Island Coating

Island Coating   

Cleaning process:                                                                         During:                                                                                           Completed:

Before    During    After

We offer full service preparation via grit blasting/sand blasting or high pressure washing, to final coated surface, ready to be put in to service. The Skotchkote™ 165 Range of coatings is both DWI & WRAS Approved for use in potable water.

Before:                                                                                             After:

Before    After

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