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Geoline Supply & Repair a vast range of Electro Fusion Welders and Welding Equipment for all applications.

Thermoplastic Geomembrane Welding Equipment

Thermoplastic Welding Accessories & Consumables

We supply the essential accessories for your welding jobs, including those listed below.

  • HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE Welding Granulate & Wire
  • Retractable Safety Knives
  • Hot Air Heating Elements & Nozzle Attachments
  • Welding / Testing On-Site Log Books
  • Daily Installation Log Books
  • Conductive Copper Wire Coils 100m long
  • Joint Compression Roller
Thermoplastic Welding Accessories Consumables

Thermoplastic Pipe Welding Equipment

We know what we are talking about when it comes to Pipe Welding!

Hydraulic operated Butt Welding Machines suitable for PE, PP, & PVDF and other thermoplastic pipes and fittings.

Electro Fusion Pipe Welding Machines
220/110 Volt complete with scanning pen, variable output voltage between 8V – 48V, capable of welding EF fittings up to and including 710mm dia, report generation also available with USB storage key.

Thermoplastic Pipe Welding Equipment Hire

Pipe Welding Accessories & Consumables

We stock a wide range of essential pipe welding accessories, some of which are listed below.

  • Butt Fusion Welding Unit 220v / 3 phase, c/w planer, hot plate, crane/hoist, hydraulic power pack. Range of sizes.
  • Mobile Welding Generator 3.5kva – 20kva c/w current regulator
  • Armoured Welding Extension Cables 25m long 110v/220v/3 phase
  • Pipe Cutters
  • Air Compressor 110v/220v
  • Hot Air Hand Extruder 220v/110vc/w nozzle/welding shoe
  • Transformer 5kva
  • “U” Gauge Test Apparatus
  • Mobile Site Tent
  • Measuring Wheel
  • Measuring Tape 30m
  • 4 Way Junction Box
  • Smoke Machine Test Apparatus

We also stock useful items such as…

  • Hole-Saws & Templates
  • De-Beading Apparatus – Internal/External
  • Pipe Saddle Clamps
  • Pipe Mobility Rollers
  • Jig Saw 110v/220v
  • Circular Saw 110v/220v
  • Assorted Wrench Set
  • Equipment Covers
  • P.P. Wear
  • Air Hose & Nozzles
  • Mechanical Pipe Stoppers/Bungs
  • Pressure Gauges with Valve
  • Deoxidisation Grinder
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Inflatable Pipe Stoppers/Bungs
  • Equipment Boxes
  • Abrasive Disks/Blades
  • Cleaning Cloths
Pipe Welding Accessories Combustables

Geomembrane Testing Equipment


The HVET – High Voltage Electromagnetic Tester is a portable tester for geomembranes consisting of HDPE, PE, PVC and other similar materials. The HVET has been designed to operate in an external environment with no fire hazard.

Test needle with manometer for HDPE, PP, and LDPE membranes, to test quality of welding seams by means of compressed air.

Hi-Frequency portable spark testing kit, for non destructive testing of geomembrane weld seams.

More Details…

Geomembrane Testing Equipment
Geomembrane Welding Equipment
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