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Pond Lining & Cascading Water Features

Lava Fountain Home Pond Water Feature

Pond Lining Geomembranes & Water Feature Accessories

We have the technology and expertise to make your pond water feature – stream, waterfall, or fountain – a great success. We proudly supply reliable and high quality pond equipment and accessories from reputable suppliers including Firestone Building Products and OASE.

Our EPDM synthetic rubber liners are suitable for a range of uses, from residential fish or swimming ponds to commercial decorative lakes. Easy to install, resistant to UV rays, and safe for aquatic fauna, our EPDM liner is guaranteed to impress.

We also stock a wide range of outdoor lights, fountains, and pumps to add that extra touch to your landscaping design. Keep your pond clean and healthy with our filters and pond vacuums, and manage your garden technology through your phone with the WLAN control box.


  • Swimming Ponds
  • Fish and Koi Ponds
  • Reflection Ponds
  • Residential Decorative Ponds
  • Commercial Decorative Ponds
  • Golf Course Ponds and Artificial Lakes
  • Streams, Waterfalls, Fountains, Cascades

For expert advice, contact out team on +353 (0)51 294 090. We will gladly discuss all aspects of your project with you.

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