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Golf Course Lake Lining – Dun Laoghaire Golf Course

Golf Course Dun Laoghaire GC 7th Middle Lake Lining

7th Middle Lake and Cascade Lining

1.5mm HDPE geomembrane liner was used to line the 7th middle lake and cascade at Dun Laoghaire Golf Course in Wexford in 2018. Our trained team of welding technicians installed the liner, sealing around headwalls and pipe penetrations.

6th Lower Lake Lining and Pipework

In 2015 we installed 5000m2 of 1.5mm HDPE geomembrane liner in the 8th lower lake. The liner was sealed to the weir wall and concrete overflows, and a heavy duty geotextile was installed around the perimeter. Our team also installed associated pipework and carried out testing of the liners and pipes.

Learn more about lake and pond lining processes here. We have over 30 years experience lining golf course lakes and ponds around the country. The last two images in the slideshow are from other lakes we’ve lined at Galway Golf Course.

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