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Attenuation Lake Lining and Pipework – UCD, Dublin

Attenuation Lake Lining and Pipework

We installed this attenuation lake near the Engineering buildings at UCD, Dublin in 2012. Once the groundworks for the 3000m2 attenuation lake were completed, we installed a 1.02mm EPDM Firestone geomembrane with a 500g/m2 geotextile protection layer on top.

We returned to site for additional works in 2019, installing a headwall and pipework. To access the work area, we used two 35m long S130 Beaver flood barriers to dam the lake. The barrier was inflated, moved into place, and then filled with water to create a seal with the bottom of the lake and allowing the water to be drained. Once the work was completed the barrier was emptied and packed up, ready for reuse.

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