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Geoline Ltd. can supply and install a range of plastic pipework, custom to each project. Our highly-trained team are experienced in all forms of pipework installation and plastics welding, from surface water drainage to effluent and chemical pipelines.


We can also hire, sell, repair, and service electro fusion and butt fusion welders. Follow this link to learn more about our large range of welding equipment and accessories.

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ElectroFusion Welding

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Welding Accessories

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Butt Fusion Welding

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Advantages of Polyethylene Pipe

  • Highly Chemical Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Long Lasting
  • Long Lengths
  • Totally Sealed Joints
  • Can be Designed to Suit any Application
  • Bespoke Design Calculations for Deeply Buried Pipe

Range of Pipe & Storage Products

  • Pressure Pipes 20mm to 1,600mm diameter
  • Non Pressure Pipes 20mm to 3,600mm diameter
  • Sewer Pipes up to 3,600mm diameter
  • Outfall Pipes up to 3,600mm diameter
  • Slotted/Perforated Pipes up to 630mm diameter
  • Double Wall Pipes up to 3,600mm diameter
  • Pipe fittings Standard/Nonstandard (Single/Double wall) Fume & Odour Control Systems, Degassers, Scrubbers & Strippers Bespoke Fabrications

For Special Requirements

Ancillaries: Leak Detection Systems for Double Wall Containment Pipework & Fittings

Materials of Construction

  • M.D.P.E (Medium Density Polyethylene)
  • H.D.P.E (High Density Polyethylene) PE80
  • H.P.P.E (High Performance Polyethylene) PE100
  • P.P. (Polypropylene)
  • P.V.D.F (Polyvinylidene Fluoride)

Reference Projects

  • Limerick Main Drainage – Co. Limerick – Marine Outfall
  • Kildare Town Bypass – Co. Kildare – Water Collection & Discharge System
  • Arthurstown Landfill – Co. Kildare – Leachate and Gas Collection System
  • Cognis Ireland – Co. Cork – Process Line
  • National Digital Park – Co. Dublin – Surface Water Collection System
  • Department of Social Welfare – Co. Leitrim – Effluent Collection System
  • Corranure Landfill – Co. Cavan – Gas Collection System
  • Swords Laboratories – Co. Dublin – Effluent Collection System
  • Superquinn – Co. Waterford – Water Supply System
  • Agricultural Laboratories – Co. Kildare – Supply/Collection/Distribution System
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