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Mobile Atomisers

Mobile rotary atomiser units are an excellent way to manage odour, dust, disinfection and cooling. Our self-contained units include a pressure pump, atomiser, fan casings and electrical controls; all sourced in the UK. Available as a tow-behind trailer, the mobile atomiser is also fitted with a quality diesel generator, allowing the unit to be used in areas where power and water are not readily available.

The mobile atomiser tank holds 1100 litres allowing the machine to run from 8-24 hours spraying without refill. The tank can be filled with potable water to manage dust, or products designed to assist in the breakdown of odours.

Odour Control Mobile Atomiser

Liquid/foam options:

  • Neutrador – for neutralising odourous droplets and for dosing into waste streams
  • Fragranced Neutrador – neutralising effect with a fragrance to give a fresh smell over any remaining odours
  • Neutralising foam – a foam agent injected with neutrador. The foam encapsulates the waste or odourous material allowing the neutrador to work on the odourous producing material


  • Uses less water than nozzle systems
  • Low maintenance
  • Greater coverage
  • Totally self-sufficient


  • Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical
  • Construction and Demolition Sites
  • Landfill and Recycling Facilities
  • Effluent Treatment Plants
Odour Control Mobile Atomiser
Odour Control Mobile Atomiser
Odour Control Mobile Atomiser Tow Behind Geoline Van


Hexa-Cover is a floating cover system for the control of odour emissions, heat loss, UV effect, evaporation and organic growth in open storage tanks. Learn more about this product here.


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