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Reservoir LiningWater reservoirs are required as storage areas for drinking water, process water, irrigation purposes and fire fighting purposes. Geomembrane reservoir liners are successfully used to prevent water loss from such areas.

Geomembranes reservoir lining offer a long service life due to their excellent physical, mechanical and biological properties. Geomembranes can be used to seal both concrete and earthen excavated reservoirs. Reservoirs can be designed as ornamental features or to be purely functional. Reservoir roofs sometimes require lining to prevent rainwater entering through cracks and possibly contaminating the potable water contained within.

lined ReservoirReference Projects :

  • Smithkline Beecham Ltd. – Co. Cork
  • Old Head of Kinsale Golf Club – Co. Cork
  • Coillte Teo – Co. Carlow
  • Kostal Ireland Ltd. – Co. Limerick
  • Lufthansa Airmotive – Co. Dublin
  • Southern Health Bord – Co. Cork
  • Wexford County Council – Co. Wexford

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