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Industrial LiningTraditionally, concrete has been the preferred construction material for effluent treatment tanks and basins. However, Geomembranes are now finding ever increasing acceptance amongst engineers as an alternative method of providing sealed areas for effluent treatment.

The main Industrial Lining Applications are sealing aeration lagoons, oxidation ditches, neutralisation basins, sludge lagoons and constructed wetlands (reedbeds). Effluent Treatment facilities require tough, chemically resistant and durable geomembrane industrial liners  to protect ground and surface water from pollution.

Reference Projects:

  • Irish Sugar – Co. Carlow
  • Hollymount Sewerage Scheme – Co. Mayo
  • F. Spaight & Sons Ltd. – Co. Tipperary
  • Nutricia Ireland Ltd. – Co. Cork
  • Williamstown Sewerage Scheme – Co. Galway
  • Curry Sewerage Scheme – Co. Sligo

IndustrialSludge_sThe recovery and processing of raw materials involves the production of a series of by and end products, which require environmentally safe storage. Because of the high toxic chemical content of these products, these storage basins must be lined for groundwater protection purposes.

Examples of industrial sludge basins would include basins for storing sludges from water treatment processes, effluent treatment processes, dredgings, drilling mud, mine tailings and chemical and metallurgical processes. After the basin has been filled and the sludge has dried, the basin can be capped to enable recultivation of the area, prevention of wind blow contamination and stop future production of contaminated effluents.

Reference Projects:

  • Aughinish Alumina – Co. Limerick
  • G.E. Superabrasives – Co. Dublin
  • Avondale Chemicals – Co. Wicklow
  • Galmoy Mine – Co. Kilkenny
  • Pfizers – Co. Cork
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