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Geomembrane LinerLining Applications – We are the exclusive Irish agents and Distributors for some of the largest Geomembrane Liner and Bentonite Clay Liner manufacturers in the world. These liners are performing successfully on hundreds of thousands of projects worldwide.

With over 30 years experience in the business of installing these types of lining systems, with 100% reliability guaranteed.

Typical Applications Include:

Lining ApplicationsThe majority of all geomembrane lining systems are fused together, panel by panel, by a method known as Hot Wedge Welding or Extrusion Welding techniques. All formed joints in the membrane can be both Destructively and Non-Destructively tested to ensure a 100% seam has been achieved.

Bentonite Clay Liners are installed side by side, with a 500mm overlap on the seam. This seam will sometimes be primed with Bentonite powder before the overlap takes place.
An overburden of backfill acting down on the Bentonite Clay Liner in conjunction with moisture absorbed into the liner from the ground below, transforms the GCL (Geocomposite Clay Liner) into a Gel-Like substance which is 100% waterproof.


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