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EnkadrainImage1What is Enkadrain?

Enkadrain is a multi-layer drainage composite, made of a three dimensional, very permeable polymeric drainage core covered on both sides with a non-woven filter. The three layers are heat bonded or stitched to each other.
Enkadrain is a three-dimensional composite which consists of a drainage layer sandwiched between two geotextile filters. The drainage layer is composed of tough, looped polyamide filaments which are fused together where they cross, forming an open structured material with a voids ration of 95%. The geotextile filter layers are made of a heatbonded polyester core/nylon sheath non-woven fabric, with a thickness of 0.7mm.

EnkadrainImage2Chemical Resistance

Since Enkadrain is based on manmade materials (polyamide, polyester and HDPE) it possesses outstanding resistance to all chemicals in those concentrations commonly occuring in the soil.


  • High discharge capacity
  • Protects waterproof coatings from damage during backfilling
  • Forms an insulating air layer between wall & soil
  • EnkadrainPrevents silting up of the collector drain
  • Light weight & easy to handle
  • EnkadrainImage3Simple to install
  • Can be used under all weather conditions, even when it is freezing
  • Can easily be cut with a sharp knife or scissors
  • Negligible waste
  • Ratproof so no risk of pollution of the subsoil
  • Unaffected by chemicals commonly occuring in the soil

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