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Water Movement

  • solid, robust design
  • extremely resistant to corrosion
  • simple assembly

Statuary & Indoor Fountain

statuary_indoor_fountainSmall–sized pumps for use in indoor fountains or statues in the garden, or the balcony or the patio. With individually adjustable flow rate.

We recommend the Neptun range of fountain pumps by Oase.

Fountain Pumps

fountain_pumpsA water garden is so diverse. Not only the form and the size are individually selectable, also in the design you can give your imagination free rein. The Nautilus and Aquarius range of fountain pumps from Oase work unobtrusively and noiselessly with the highest performance for a brave new water world. They are equal to the most severe demands.

Fountain Attachments

fountain_attachmentsNozzles in various designs for individual fountain creation, including a range of 1/2 inch and 1 inch nozzles, as well as attachments for producing a range of fountain cascade effects, such as trumpet, arch, and fog.

Filter Pumps

filter_pumpsHigh performance pond and filter pumps with long service life and low power consumption.

Watercourse and Waterfall Pumps

watercourse_waterfallA waterfall turns any pond into a breath-taking natural experience.The variety of the waterscape can also be extended with an appropriate watercourse. It can divide the garden and offers an additional niche for animals and plants wich are dependant on oxygen-rich, flowing water. The experience of water is possible even in the smallest areas. With OASE fountains you can bring your water features onto balconies and patios. Experience the OASE effect – even on the fourth floor!

Solar Power Range

solar_powerAttractive lighting effects, water features and fountains, watercourses or smaller waterfalls: With OASE SOLAR the sun really moves water. All components are perfectly matched and very easy to install.

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