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illumination_clickhereMild summer evenings are not the only time that you can enjoy the magic that a carefully planned lighting scheme brings to the garden and pond. Winter, too, has its special attractions – the soft contours of the garden under a thick, blindingly white cover of snow. Illumination brings life into every garden landscape and gives your customers many priceless moments of absolute happiness.

Power Management

powermanagement_clickhereBring light into play! Every evening it extends your satisfaction with your pond and garden. The play of light turns your leisure paradise into a festival of emotion: magically romantic, somewhat mysterious, and always radiantly beautiful. Light is a beacon of the feelings. And it is also practical. Lighting makes the garden appear larger by twilight or darkness, and provides increased safety.You really should take a radio remote control unit along with you on your journey through the wonderful water water worlds of OASE. It works with the garden outlets of our intelligent InScenio power management system and it is extremely practical. With this unit you can start your pumps from a distance at the touch of button, switch them off at any time or increase or reduce fountain height as you like.Little work, a lot of enjoyment – it is so easy when you entrust your pond to OASE technology. There is only one thing left to do: enjoy!

Download our Pond Liner & Garden Pond brochures for more information and ideas!

Firesone EPDM Lining Systems Brochure Cover Click to view brochure
Geoline PondGard Brochure Cover Click to view brochure

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