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0.5m High Floodstop Barrier
Connector Multi Hub
0.9 High Floodstop Barrier
0.9 High Floodstop Barrier
Connecting Key
Connecting Key


Floodstop is a unique, rapidly deployed flood barrier system. The barrier is assembled through a series of interlocking units. When, assembled, the majority of these units actually fill with the rising flood waters. This combined with the weighted connection keys ensure an assembled barrier will always remain in place against the rising flood waters.

Tidal Protection
Entrance Protection
Reservoir Deployment.



More effective than sandbagging
No construction works required
Can be rapidly deployed
High quality, field tested system
Required no specialist training
Low cost

Flood protection
-Rapid response
-Permanent flood protection

Reservoir deployment
-Spill kit
-Fluid containment

Road traffic delineation

For further information, please contact:

Ms. Ann Tracey
M: +353 86 6090355
T: 01 372 434 672

Irish office:
+353 51 294090

UK office:
01 378 434672


Please read the following intructions:


-Inspect ground conditions and clear any debris.

-Position modular units out in a linear position for the chosen barrier length. Do not apply a significant degree of movement until the barrier is fully assembled.


-In a standard configuration- every fourth modular unit in an assembly should be a ‘pre-fill’ unit type.

-Any modular unit without semi-circles holes on their front face must be pre-filled with water ballast before use.

-Insert connecting keys (universal keys) ensuring each key is fully inserted. The base of each connection key should be in full contact with the ground.

-Once the universal keys are in place curvature can be applied to the barrier if required.

-Fill the ‘pre-fill’ units along the assembled Floodstop barrier with the water. Pre-fill units must be filled to the brim. This step ensures a preliminary seal along the base of the barrier.

instruction how to use multi-hub

-To create a connection with an insitu object such as a wall the Multi-hub unit should be employed. Simply connect the unit to the end of the assembled Flood Barrier.

Instructions for use:
1. Rotate the Multi-hub unit into the wall, ensuring the vertical foam gasket is placed under firm pressure.
2. Fill the Multi-hub unit with water, securing it in position.
3. If the flood water flow is expected to be significantly high, a wedge can be used to fix the rotation of the multihub.
4. Please note: It is recommended that the modular unit placed next to a multi-hub which is being used for a wall connection) is a ‘prefill’ unit type.

*Please ensure side gasket is pre-applied to the side of the multi-hub if being used for wall connection


1. Remove universal keys.
2. Drain water from ‘pre-fill’ units by:
-Tipping the units over carefully.
-By unscrewing the water-release caps (0.9m system).
3. Pack system away.

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