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When flooding is likely to occur it is essential to use a flood defence system that can be deployed fast! It is imperative that the flood defence barriers can be quickly and efficiently set up to minimise any likely damage caused by flooding.

Geoline has flood defence solutions that can adapt to many situations, and are suitable for all projects from domestic purposes protecting your home to large scale flood management for industry and corporations.

Our flood barriers and reusable and easy to store until they are needed.


Floodstop flood barriers are perfect for protecting large and small areas. These are easy to transport to any area at risk and can be set up easily and very quickly.

flood stop flood barriers by GEOLINE


For larger areas of flooding where land and buildings need protection and water needs to be directed away the Water-Filled flood defence barriers are ideal and highly efficient.

inflatable water filled flood barriers by GEOLINE

Water-Filled Flood Barriers

Flood DefenceThe Beaver Storm and Flood Protection System helps to prevent or at least reduce storm and flood damage and their economic costs.

This flood defence system guarantees fast assembly of temporary flood barriers and their simple and flexible use.

The rapid and easy disassembly and removal, together with good storability and additional assets of this reusable system make it the ideal solution to a temporary problem.


Get more information about Inflatable Tube Wall Water Filled Flood Barriers

and see how you can manage your flood defence quickly, easily and stay within budget!

Beaver Water-Filled Barriers are available in 4 heights:

Beaver Inflatable Barrier - M50

Usable dam height up to max. ca. 50 cm

Beaver Inflatable Barrier - MXL 80

Usable dam height up to max. ca. 80 cm

Beaver Inflatable Barrier - H100

Usable dam height up to max. ca. 100 cm

Beaver Inflatable Barrier - S130

Usable dam height up to max. ca. 130 cm

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