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Carrigtwohill Flood Mitigation Scheme June Update

Carrigtwohill Flood Mitigation Scheme June Update

Six weeks in and we’ve made a fair amount of progress at the Carrigtwohill project. Our contract is to supply and install an ESS Ecocell attenuation tank and line an open attenuation pond. Work began early May and we’ve since completed the open pond, and have moved onto the installation of the tank.

The 8,818m2 pond was lined using 1.5mm HDPE and geotextile, and was then backfilled with a layer of soil to protect the liner.

Geoline Installing Attenuation Pond Liner   Geoline Installing Attenuation Pond Liner

Above images courtesy of Howley Civils

Below is our latest progress video of the ESS Ecocell attenuation tank installation. This sustainable drainage solution is a massive 11,400m3, and the video shows the progress over the past two weeks. You can also see the completed attenuation pond beside the tank.

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