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Geoline Lining Services Waterford

Geoline Ltd. is a 100% Irish owned company and is managed by Niall Troy, Managing Director, and Pat Browne, Operations Director.

We were originally established as a specialist plastic lining company, operating in the Environmental Protection Sector, specialising in the installation of geomembrane lining systems for the Civil Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical Industry, Agriculture and General Construction Sectors. Our acquired knowledge and experience over the years has led us to expand into other new areas, where we are now Ireland’s foremost suppliers of products used in the Environmental, Construction and Civil Engineering Industries.

Geoline’s main area of business activity is in Ireland itself, but we undertake a number of projects every year across the world, ranging from places like the UK, Middle East, Mainland Europe, and the Caribbean to name a few.

Since 1987 we have been successfully involved in thousands of projects throughout Ireland. Typical clients are Local Authorities, Public Bodies, Construction Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Chemical Industry, Food and Agriculture Sectors, Leisure Industry and the general public.

We specialise in all forms of:

  • ✓ HDPE, LDPE, PVC, EPDM, Geomembrane and Bentonite Clay Lining
  • ✓ Thermoplastic Pipes, Fittings and Large-Scale Plumbing Systems (Sale only or Supply & Installation)
  • ✓ Thermoplastic Fabrications (Tanks, Chambers, Valves, Condensate Pots, Vessels)
  • ✓ Spray On Coating Systems and Sandblasting
  • ✓ Industrial and Chemical Storage Tanks
  • ✓ Bund and Tank Lining
  • ✓ Concrete/Metal Tank Re-Sealing
  • ✓ Portable Water Reservoir Refurbishment with DWI Approved Lining Systems
  • ✓ FireWater Retention Ponds
  • ✓ Floating Covers
  • ✓ Baffle Curtains
  • ✓ Sewer Lining/Re-Lining
  • ✓ Stormwater Storage Ponds and Tanks
  • ✓ Slurry and Effluent Lagoon/Stores
  • ✓ Brown-Field Remediation
  • ✓ Golf Course Lakes
  • ✓ Ornamental Lakes/Ponds and Accessories
  • ✓ Outdoor Swimming Pools
  • ✓ Settlement and Silt Ponds
  • ✓ Geosynthetics, Geogrids, Geotextiles, Soil Reinforcement and Erosion Control Products
  • ✓ Curtain Walls and Contaminated Soil Cells
  • ✓ Japanese Knotweed Containment
  • ✓ Inflatable Flood Barriers
  • ✓ Hire/Sale of Electrofusion Pipe and Plastic Welding Equipment/Accessories
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