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How to Assemble Water Filled Flood Barriers

POSTED ON July 24th, 2018  - POSTED IN Company News, Flood Barriers

With the summer sun shining, and everyone worrying about the heat and the lack of rain, it was a strange time to be setting up flood barriers, but that’s exactly how we spent our time at the recent training event at Knappmill water treatment works.

A great bunch of lads were there to learn the ropes and discover how simple it can be to get the flood defence systems set up quickly, right where they are needed. It was an great experience for all concerned, both the trainers and the trainees, and there was lots of time for questions and answers.

But of course the main focus was on teaching the nest practices to get the flood barriers moved quickly into position, fully assembled, filled with water to make them into a rock-hard barrier, and joining them to complete the solid wall type structure required to hold back any rising flood waters.

It was noted that the slightly flexible bottom of the flood barrier tube allowed it to sink into the uneven ground surface, and maintain a water-tight barrier even when the ground itself was uneven. This was considered a huge advantage as you never know where these barriers will need to be deployed in case of a flooding emergency.

It was a great event for all concerned, and we wish everyone at South West Water the best of luck and hope that their proactive flood management policies are very successful in preventing future flood chaos and damage.

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Flood Barrier Training UK 2018

POSTED ON June 26th, 2018  - POSTED IN Flood Barriers

Geoline Ltd. are delighted to announce that we are running a detailed training on the correct use of our water-filled flood barriers in the UK in the coming month. We are working closely with South West Water to prepare well ahead for any potential flooding situations, to minimise flood damage. Our team is well prepared and looking forward to the training event at the Knappmill water treatment works, in July 2018.

Flood and Coast EXPO Telford, UK, 28-30 March 2017

POSTED ON February 14th, 2017  - POSTED IN Company News, Flood Barriers

Geoline are delighted to announce that they will be exhibiting at the upcoming Flood and Coast EXPO at the  Telford International Conference Centre, UK,  from the 28th-30th March 2017.

Our team, including Anne Tracey & Pat Browne, will be manning the exhibition to display and promote the inflatable flood barriers that are proving so successful with industry and local authorities alike.

See the list of Exhibitors here

“Led again by the Environment Agency, the event will draw together key stakeholders from the flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCRM) community, including local authorities, infrastructure owners, consultancies, contractors, businesses, community groups and universities. Join more than 1500 fellow professionals to exchange a broad range of perspectives on innovation and best practices in FCRM.”

The event promises to be a major step forward for everyone interested in the the prevention and management of flooding and coastal erosion with daily seminars including case studies,  from authorities in the field flooding.

The conference brings together the FCRM industry, government and local authorities with the communities and businesses affected by flooding and coastal erosion. Led by the Environment Agency, the conference is designed to appeal to local authorities (flood managers, urban and country planners, emergency planners, LLFAs, IDBs), managers of infrastructure assets (eg transport, energy, water, highways, communications), consultants and contractors, architects, scientists, first responders and incident management professionals.

Seminar Live! sessions are free to everyone attending Flood & Coast 2017″

Click here to see the Advance Conference Programme


Geoline Have Success with Flood Barriers at UK EXPO

POSTED ON February 8th, 2017  - POSTED IN Flood Barriers
Geoline are delighted with the response to our Inflatable Flood Barriers stand at the recent Flood Expo in Cumbria UK.

There was great interest in the versatility of the flood barriers that can easily transported and assembled so quickly, exactly when and where they are needed.

Flood Expo Show – The Excel, London, 12th & 13th October 2016

POSTED ON July 5th, 2016  - POSTED IN Flood Barriers


The Flood Expo is the largest event in the world that is focused on presenting solutions to widespread flooding problems. We’ll hear from the world’s leading flood prevention companies with an extensive seminar and an array of workshops showcasing new and cost-effective ways to prevent and manage floods.

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