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Geoline Stormwater Attenuation Tanks – NSAI Agrément

POSTED ON October 11th, 2018  - POSTED IN Company News, Stormwater Attenuation Tanks

Geoline Ltd. Sole Irish Supplier of Pluvial Cube Attenuation and Infiltration Systems with NSAI Agrément (Irish Agrément Board) for Stormwater Attenuation Tanks

Geoline are pleased to announce that the Pluvial Cube Attenuation and Infiltration Systems have been awarded the prestigious NSAI Agrément (Irish Agrément Board), designated by Government to carry out European Technical Approvals.

NSAI Agrément Certificates establish proof that the certified products are ‘proper materials’ suitable for their intended use under Irish site conditions and in accordance with the Building Regulations 1997 to 2017.

Geoline Ltd. are the only suppliers in Ireland who currently supply the attenuation tank Pluvial Cubes of this standard.

Geoline NSAI Agrément Stormwater Attenuation Tanks (Irish Agrément Board)
Geoline NSAI Agrément Stormwater Attenuation Tanks (Irish Agrément Board)

Geoline, together with our partners ESS ltd./Alderburgh Ltd.  supply and install stormwater attenuation tank systems throughout Ireland, using the innovative Pluvial Cube Attenuation and Infiltration Systems,  based on the system of modular polypropylene units with low flow maintenance and self-cleaning channels.

Modern stormwater attenuation tanks based on these modular polypropylene units create a sustainable drainage system in conjunction with a satisfactory civil engineering design to act as an attenuation or as an infiltration vessel.

Attenuation tanks can be constructed using the modular units as a subsurface storm-water management system, used for sub-surface water storage or as a soak-away to manage rain water run-off from impermeable surfaces. Subject to site conditions and restraints, the Pluvial Cube system modules can be built up to create the volumetric capacity required for:

  • Attenuation system
  • Infiltration system.
  • Or a combined attenuation/infiltration system.


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CLICK HERE TO READ MORE about the latest advances in storm-water attenuation tank technology and the use of Pluvial Cube Attenuation and Infiltration Systems.

How to Assemble Water Filled Flood Barriers

POSTED ON July 24th, 2018  - POSTED IN Company News, Flood Barriers

With the summer sun shining, and everyone worrying about the heat and the lack of rain, it was a strange time to be setting up flood barriers, but that’s exactly how we spent our time at the recent training event at Knappmill water treatment works.

A great bunch of lads were there to learn the ropes and discover how simple it can be to get the flood defence systems set up quickly, right where they are needed. It was an great experience for all concerned, both the trainers and the trainees, and there was lots of time for questions and answers.

But of course the main focus was on teaching the nest practices to get the flood barriers moved quickly into position, fully assembled, filled with water to make them into a rock-hard barrier, and joining them to complete the solid wall type structure required to hold back any rising flood waters.

It was noted that the slightly flexible bottom of the flood barrier tube allowed it to sink into the uneven ground surface, and maintain a water-tight barrier even when the ground itself was uneven. This was considered a huge advantage as you never know where these barriers will need to be deployed in case of a flooding emergency.

It was a great event for all concerned, and we wish everyone at South West Water the best of luck and hope that their proactive flood management policies are very successful in preventing future flood chaos and damage.

Find Out How You Can Use Water-Filled Flood Barriers.

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Geoline at the National Ploughing Championship 2018

POSTED ON July 23rd, 2018  - POSTED IN Company News, Lining Applications Ireland

Geoline are proud to announce that we will be exhibiting at the National Ploughing Championship 2018 which is taking place in Tullamore,  Co. Offaly  on September 18th-20th this year. This annual event is one of the highlights in our calender, giving us the chance to meet plenty of new people and explain how our wide range of products and services can help many businesses in agriculture and industry.

We love to talk to people to explain about our agricultural tank lining, our slurry tanks, attenuation tanks, flood defence systems, and lots more.
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